Perfect Plants for Colorado Climate

Photo by Sergey Shmidt on Unsplash.

The snow has melted and the sun is out in Colorado. This means that many Coloradans will be out in their yards, green thumbs held high, attending their plants. Planning on adding some new plants to your landscape? With so many options to choose from at your local nursery, it can be hard to make a decision on what to buy. Colorado has a dryer climate than many other states. However, there are plenty of options when it comes to surrounding your home with plants that bloom in the Centennial State. Here are a few Colorado plants that I’ve had personal success with. Remember, if you are looking to buy or sell a home in Colorado, contact Mark Eibner today. He has decades of experience throughout the state and can help you find the right home for you.

Colorado Plants

The Rocky Mountain Columbine is the official state flower of Colorado and a great choice for your landscape. This plant is a perfect match to the unique climate and altitude of Colorado. In fact, it can handle full sun above 7,000 feet. It comes in shades of blue, yellow, red, violet, and white. Another great plant for your Colorado landscape is the Russian Sage. This plant produces purple blooms that will add plenty of texture to your garden. When first establishing this plant, it will need to be watered regularly. However, once it is established it requires little maintenance and is a great plant for xeriscaping.

If you want to invite butterflies into your garden, the Yellow Alyssum is the plant you’re looking for. This perennial is widely known for its clusters of cheery yellow flowers that appear in late spring. The Yellow Alyssum has a tendency to grow outward so make sure to place it in a sunny spot where it can cover a lot of ground. And then there’s the Bronze Fennel. This edible herb is an excellent addition to your garden given its unique texture of wispy leaves. When planning your garden in layers, put this plant on the back row. Bronze Fennel is great to use on the border of your landscape because it grows up to four feet tall and wide.

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