The Best Colorado Hot Springs

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Colorado boasts some of the best hot springs in the country. A hot spring is a spring with water temperatures above its surroundings, typically warm enough to heat the body though the temperature outside the water is much colder. In other words, a hot spring is a naturally occurring hot tub. Here are a few of our top picks for the best hot springs in Colorado. Also, if you are looking to buy a home in Colorado, contact Mark Eibner today. Mark has been in the real estate industry in Colorado for over thirty years.

Our Top Picks

A short drive from Denver, Indian Hot Springs is a well known rest stop from the cold and weary. There is a resort at the springs that has several soaking options, spa services and accommodations. Like other high-end spas, you can also get an exfoliating package with your stay. However, the main highlight of the resort is their mineral pool. The pool is under a translucent dome with 115 degree water. There are also private indoor baths and outdoor Jacuzzis for rent that are filled with hot springs water.

And then there’s the Hot Sulphur Springs, which also features a wonderful resort. There are seven natural springs that surface between 104 and 126 degrees here. These are used to heat several natural hot springs pools. Hot Sulphur Springs is the oldest hot springs area in the entire country. There are 21 pools of a variety of sizes spread out over the hillside that range in temperature from 95 to 112 degrees. Just like Indian Hot Springs, there are spas and private pools to enjoy here as well.

Best Trails To Hike Before Winter

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Rocky Mountain National Park is the home of some of the best hiking trails in Colorado. This time of year the leaves have started to change color and the summer heat is wearing off. In fact, it will be winter soon and most hikers will have to wait until next year to hit the trails. Here is our top picks for trails at the Rocky Mountain National Park to visit before winter. Also, if you are looking to buy a home in Colorado, contact Mark Eibner today. He has been in the industry for over thirty years.

Our Top Three Picks

One of the most popular trails in Rocky Mountain National Park is Alberta Falls, and for a good reason. This Colorado trail has diverse landscapes with dense aspen groves, a rushing creek, towering mountain peaks, and even a beautiful waterfall. To access this trail, begin at the Glacier Gorge Trailhead and follow go north. The waterfall, which plunges thirty feet into the small gorge of Glacier Creek, is a great resting place. Many hikers stop in the area to take a break and enjoy the wonderful views.

In the same area as Alberta Falls is Bear Lake Loop. The picturesque Bear Lake is surrounded by colorful aspens. Off the tranquil water reflects towering granite mountain peaks. The area is mostly flat, easily accessed from Bear Lake Road, and only an eighth of a mile. Therefore, this trail is great for hiking no matter your experience level. Last but certainly not least is the Upper Beaver Meadows Loop. This trail is longer, roughly five miles long. However, the elevation is gradual which makes it easily traversable. The trail winds through Beaver Meadows and provides views of the Continental Divide and Longs Peak.

What Is A Seller’s Market?

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It’s no secret that the real estate market in Colorado is booming despite drawbacks from the epidemic. Sales are up, but as a whole inventory has decreased. Limited inventory presents new challenges for Colorado home buyers. This has resulted in deals with multiple offers, which could make getting into your dream house more difficult. This type of market is called a seller’s market. The answer to this problem is simple—hiring an experienced agent. If you are looking to buy a home in Colorado, contact Mark Eibner today. He has over thirty years of experience.

Beating Low Inventory

The way the market is right now, if you’ve heard from someone who has bought a home recently you may be a little discouraged. However, the key to getting the home that you want is to act fast. An experienced real estate agent is a home buying expert and knows how to guide you through the process quickly. A good agent can take a single conversation about what features you’d like in a home and provide you with a property search that fits your needs.

You’ll need to work with loan officers and mortgage lenders to get preapproved for a home loan. If you don’t have a lender, your agent can recommend one for you. The bottom line is when sellers receive multiple offers for their property only the most strategic offer will be accepted. This is when your agent will shine the brightest and earn their commission. Remember, sellers list new homes for sale every day in Colorado, but they are moving under contract quickly. In conclusion, to answer the question, “how do I beat low inventory,” is with a good agent and speed.

How to Lose The Quarantine 15

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With a lot of America back to work, many are trying to lose the weight they gained during isolation. But it’s not as simple are getting back to the gym; stress can play a very large roll in losing that fifteen pounds you gained in quarantine. 2020 has been a very stressful year. Stress can put the body into what’s commonly known as a fight of flight state. In this state your body will not give up any calories that it thinks it will need for energy for running away or combat.

Beating The Weight & Stress

A common way to begin a weight loss journey is to start with a new daily routine. This can range from going to bed at the same time every night to planning your meals every morning. We tend to turn to processed or fast-food because we’ve lost interest in what we’re eating. Processed food, like something you nuke in the microwave, and take-out are fast and easy. Regain your interest in food by adding cooking to your routine. It won’t feel like a chore if you’ve already scheduled time in your day to do it. If you have leftovers in the fridge, try a new recipe. If the recipe fails, then you have a back up.

With the things that we cannot immediately change, like the virus or the election, we must learn how to manage the stress they bring. Meditation and yoga work for some people, while painting or putting a puzzle together may work for others. Everyone is different. If you’re not sure if an activity will help you destress, then just give it a try. If it doesn’t work, try something else the next day. Once you find that magic activity that brings you solace, make sure to add it to your routine.

Colorado Bucket List

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Bucket lists are not just for the older generation. If you live in Colorado or you’re planning to move here, there are tons of things you can do that are sure to fill up your itinerary. Things to do like mountain climbing. There are so many peaks around 14,000ft in Colorado that it has it’s own term: a 14er. Mount Bierstadt is great for beginners, with a wide trail that is easy to follow. Not much of a climber? That’s okay there are plenty of things you can do in Colorado, in and outdoors.

What To Do In Colorado

You should add attending a concert at the famous Red Rocks Amphitheater to your Colorado bucket list. This outdoor venue is unlike any other concert you’ll ever go to. Though this one will probably be on your list for a while due to the pandemic, it is worth the wait. What about soaking in a natural hot springs? Strawberry Park Hot Springs, just outside Steamboat Springs, is surrounded by trees and nestled along Hot Springs Creek, one of the most beautiful places in the state. There are restrooms, a picnic area and a heated cabin for changing, so you can pack a lunch and take your time enjoying the soothing mineral water.

There’s also the Great Sand Dunes National Park. One of the more strange attractions compared to the rest of the mostly green Colorado landscapes, this park includes large sand dunes. If you reach the highest point, the top of Star Dune at 750 feet, you’ll have stunning views of Crestone Peaks and the surrounding area. If the sand dunes make you thirsty, then add drinking at a local Colorado brewery to your bucket list. Colorado has over 200 breweries with new ones popping up, what feels like, every day. You can go mainstream and visit the Coors Brewery in Golden, Colorado, where the air smells like hops. Or, check out one of the smaller shops for some very imaginative brews, like the Pineapple Pale Ale at Denver Beer Co., or the Coconut Porter from Broken Compass Brewing in Breckenridge, Colorado. If you are looking to buy or seller real estate in Colorado, contact Mark Eibner today.

Creating More Space In Your Home

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Because of the pandemic, more Colorado residents are getting used to live and work in the same place—their home. Cramped spaces can affect your mental health and general well being. Though homes vary in size, there are a few things that every homeowner can do to maximize space. If you are looking to move to Colorado, contact Mark Eibner today and let him interview to be your agent. Mark has 30+ years of experience in the real estate industry in Colorado and is more than qualified to find you the home of your dreams.

Space-Making Tips For The Home

Not every home is created equal. Though some homes have dedicated rooms for specific purposes, most of us have to use rooms for multiple purposes. Being smart about these multi-functional rooms can really save you space in your home. Working from home you may find that that guest room would be more suitable as a home office. But instead of removing the guest bed or putting in in storage, why not trade it in for a sofa that converts to a bed when needed. Are there any spaces in your home that are not being utilized, like an attic or basement? Consider converting these spaces into a useful room such as an extra bedroom, study, or home office. These are great investments that will improve the value of your home down the road.

Besides cleaning up your home and organizing your personal items, furniture plays an important role in creating more space in your home. Choosing the right furniture for a small space goes a long way in freeing up space. For example, not every home has a dedicated dinning room, or if it does you might be sacrificing the space during the pandemic for an impromptu/temporary workspace. It might not make sense to have a large dinning table if it is crammed into a small kitchen. Using bar stools at your counter is a great way to keep that dinning space without overcrowding your kitchen. Another space-hog are bulky entertainment centers. Though sometimes practical, it may be better to ditch this large piece of furniture and mount your TV on the wall instead.

The Highest Towns in Colorado

Telluride, Colorado

There are many towns in Colorado that give us the best views of the mountains…because the towns are also in the mountains. Take the town of Silverthorne of example. Silverthorne is 9,035 ft above sea level. This town is in a county, Summit County, full of mountain towns. Silverthorne is the easiest town to reach it the county, and makes a really convenient base camp for exploring all the surrounding attractions. While you read, if you’re interested in buying a home or land in any of these areas, contact Mark Eibner. He has been in the Colorado real estate industry for over 30 years and knows the ends and outs of the business more than anyone around.

Top Highest Towns in Colorado

Winter Park is a well known mountain town in Colorado. With an elevation of 9,052 ft this town can be found on the western slope of the continental divide via Berthoud Pass. Small-town-vibes are great, but if you need to the city, Winter Park is only an hour and a half drive away. Coming in at 9,165 ft is the town of Divide. This Teller County town is at the top of Ute Pass making it the gateway to many other great areas. Areas like Cripple Creek and Victor, and continues through town for travel on Highway 24 to South Park and beyond.

Silverton (9,318 ft elevation) is a secluded ski town home to the famous Silverton Mountain Resort. It is located on the southern start of the Million Dollar Highway, which travels 45 minutes north to Ouray. There are so many attractions in the area, like the Durango & Silverton Railroad. Perhaps the most famous mountain town in Colorado is Telluride. With a whopping 9,545 ft elevation, Telluride is one of Colorado’s best ski towns. A free gondola ride connects Mountain Village with downtown Telluride, operating daily year round. Both sides of town provide restaurants, shopping and lodging to visitors, with Mountain Village being more residential.

The Largest Mountain Cities in Colorado

Eagle, Colorado

Nestled up against the pristine Rocky Mountains, Colorado is known for its beautiful towns well above sea level. In fact, Denver is often called the Mile High City and many business don the number 5280 in their name, reflecting the number of feet in a mile. Another Colorado town that boasts a high elevation is Estes Park. Estes Park is in the  Northern Front Range at 7,522 feet high. Though radiating copious amounts of small-town energy, Estes Park is only 45 minutes west of Loveland, and 1.5 hours northwest of Denver. The following are the top four mountain cities in Colorado. If you are looking to purchase a home in Colorado, contact Mark Eibner today. He has been doing business in Colorado for well over thirty years and has a full team of active brokers!

Mountain Cities in Colorado

Coming in at 7,431 feet, Avon is located just ten miles west of Vail on I-70 and is the gateway to Beaver Creek Resort. Avon has a range of upscale shopping, dining and accommodations. The Town of Avon has several parks, with a diverse range of recreational opportunities. You can enjoy the rapids of Avon’s Whitewater Park or the peace and quiet of Nottingham Lake. There’s something for everyone. Climbing up a little further is Gunnison at 7,703 feet. Gunnison is home to Western State University, so it has a small college town feel even though it has every amenity that you can think of. Downtown Gunnison features several blocks of shopping and dining, with skiing just thirty minutes north in Crested Butte.

And then there’s Carbondale at 6,181 feet above sea level. In view of the majestic Mount Sopris and located near the Roaring Fork and Crystal rivers, Carbondale is the mountain town you go to relax. Last but certainly not the least is Eagle Colorado. Eagle rests at 6,601 sq ft, and is only thirty miles west of Vail on I-70. If you are looking to relocate to mountain town, Eagle may be the place for you. Just far enough away from the bustle of the Vail Valley, prices here are reduced and the living is good. The White River National Forest and Sylvan Lake State Park are nearby for those that enjoy the great outdoors.

How To Properly Stage Your Home

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If you are thinking about selling your home in Colorado, staging the property could help you get more substantial offers. Hiring a staging company can be effective, but they are often overpriced and require the house to be empty. There are plenty of things you can do to stage your home yourself that will not cost you a dime. Also, if you are looking for an agent, experience is very important in today’s shifting market. Mark Eibner has been in the industry in Colorado for well over thirty years and knows all the tips for staging. Here are a few things that are the most important.

Home Staging Tips

First of all, you must unclutter your property to make it less personalized, which will help buyers see themselves in the space. Remove papers, games, books and excess furniture to help your home look larger. Take away personal photos and pick up the clothes and shoes off of your floor. If you have a lot of clutter on your kitchen counters or bathroom vanity, remove them of hide them in a drawer. Imagine you are stepping into an expensive hotel room—you want the space to look new and unused. And don’t forget about cleaning.

When we live in a space for a long time, we tend to overlook things like skirting boarding and molding. Make sure these are free of scuff marks. Also, don’t forget about cleaning glass surfaces like windows and mirrors. General cleaning of your home (vacuuming carpets, scrubbing hardwood floors and tiles, dishes, emptying the trash) are no-brainers. The normal, daily maintenance that you do on this front should suffice. However, if you’re trying to sell your home quickly, you can always hire a cleaning crew to come in and do the work for you. You can also ask your agent if they noticed anything that needs to be cleaned or picked up.

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