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Building Upwards

Has your family outgrown your home in the city? You could sell your home and try to move into something bigger, but remember that the market is going through some growing of its own. Inventory is down and prices are through the roof. In other words: you could definitely sell your home in the market,Continue reading “Building Upwards”

Don’t Fix These Things Before Selling Your Home

When owners are getting ready to sell their home, there’s always that time of panic when they have to figure out what to fix or upgrade in order to get the sell. It’s important to know what to fix to get your home market ready, but it’s equally important to know what you don’t have to fix. Don’tContinue reading “Don’t Fix These Things Before Selling Your Home”

Vetting Home Remodeling Contractors

Starting your remodeling project on the right foot means hiring the right person for the job. However, choosing the right expert contractor is harder than it sounds, therefore I’ve put together a few things you can do to vet your contractors. First off, make sure you look up the contractor’s license and verify it’s legitimacy.Continue reading “Vetting Home Remodeling Contractors”