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It Pays to Ride a Bike

Did you know that Denver residents can get an instant rebate when purchasing an e-bike? It’s true and in fact it started last month on April 22nd. All local Denver residents may be eligible for a $400 instant rebate. E-cargo bike purchases can qualify for an additional $500 instant rebate. Also, Income-qualified residents may beContinue reading “It Pays to Ride a Bike”


Self-Help Comedy

People are generally reluctant to read self-help books because they are come off as preachy or judgmental. It turns out the answer to creating a self-help book that doesn’t make the reader feel bad is humor. On May 20 JAAMM is welcoming author Amy Fish to discuss her humorous self-help book, “I Wanted Fries WithContinue reading “Self-Help Comedy”

Saving Tips

Saving money is an important goal for most adults, especially if are looking to buy a home in Colorado. Putting at least 20% down on a home will increase your chances of getting approved for a mortgage at a decent rate, and will allow you to avoid mortgage insurance. So, how do you save thatContinue reading “Saving Tips”

How to Lose The Quarantine 15

With a lot of America back to work, many are trying to lose the weight they gained during isolation. But it’s not as simple are getting back to the gym; stress can play a very large roll in losing that fifteen pounds you gained in quarantine. 2020 has been a very stressful year. Stress canContinue reading “How to Lose The Quarantine 15”