Colorado Contractors

Are you planning on tackling a remodeling project this year? No matter the size of the project, utilizing remodeling contractors is the way to go. Most homeowners don’t have the time, experience, or skillsets to do a remodel by themselves. There is often a negative response to using contractors for fears of being overcharged. However,Continue reading “Colorado Contractors”

Myths from House Flipping Shows

All house-flipping shows have the same story. Someone buys a dilapidated house and a team of elite contractors and designers transforms it into a work of art. And then the buyer turns around and sells it for a hefty profit. They make it look easy, too easy. It makes for great TV, but it isContinue reading “Myths from House Flipping Shows”

Home Exteriors Versus Your HOA

Is your favorite color cerulean? Periwinkle? Think it might look great on the exterior of your house? Well, you might want to think about the role your HOA plays in the exterior color of your home before buying that shiny paint bucket. Most HOAs have rules in place that govern the exterior painting conformity of all theContinue reading “Home Exteriors Versus Your HOA”

Vetting Home Remodeling Contractors

Starting your remodeling project on the right foot means hiring the right person for the job. However, choosing the right expert contractor is harder than it sounds, therefore I’ve put together a few things you can do to vet your contractors. First off, make sure you look up the contractor’s license and verify it’s legitimacy.Continue reading “Vetting Home Remodeling Contractors”

When Should I Start My Home Renovation?

Doing It Yourself Before you definitively decide on when to start your project, you should understand hold supply and demand works. Supply and demand is one of the main factors in how much we pay for just about everything. What does this have to do with your renovation project? Those bathroom tiles you’ll be buying, orContinue reading “When Should I Start My Home Renovation?”

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