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Selling Real Estate in Colorado

When considering selling your house in Colorado, it’s important to remember that there are costs involved in the process. These costs include real estate commission fees, prorated property taxes, and other expenses. Additionally, sellers in Colorado typically cover the cost of a title insurance policy for the new owner. For a sale of $500,000, theContinue reading “Selling Real Estate in Colorado”

Highest Rated Plumbers in Colorado

If your plumbing is not properly insulated, the cold weather this winter in Colorado could cause you some problems. This is especially true if you own an older home with older plumbing. There are a ton of plumbers in the metro area, and it can be difficult to find a truly vetted professional. Here areContinue reading “Highest Rated Plumbers in Colorado”

Cleaning Your Fireplace

Colorado is no stranger to cold weather, which is why many homes have fireplaces. Not only are they great for staying warm, they add a cozy ambiance to any room. However, fireplaces do require maintenance. The cleaning frequency for a wood-burning fireplace depends on how often it is used. Continue reading for some tips onContinue reading “Cleaning Your Fireplace”

Winter Home Maintenance

Winter is in full swing in Colorado. We’ve already seen some snow this year and odds are we’ll see a lot more. Now is the time to make sure that your home is ready for winter. Some of the most common complaints from homeowners during winter are frozen pipes, dead lawns, and emergency furnace repairs.Continue reading “Winter Home Maintenance”