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Sprucing Up Your Porch

Your porch is an exterior extension of your home and should be treated as such. That means it should serve two purposes. Your porch should be a place for guests to feel welcome but also a place where you can go to relax. Having the right porch decorations can make this unique space more inviting.Continue reading “Sprucing Up Your Porch”


Highest Rated Electricians in Colorado

If your house was built a few decades ago, odds are you could use some electrical upgrades. Sockets and switches age from the normal wear-and-tear of homeowner use. As technology advances, things like your old phone jacks are no longer needed. Sockets for televisions are now more useful up the wall and not on theContinue reading “Highest Rated Electricians in Colorado”

Highest Rated HVAC Contractors in Colorado

Contractors are your ticket to success when it comes to any home project, big or small. Contractors are professionals that know the ends and outs of whatever you’re looking to do. This is especially important when it comes to technical jobs, like fixing or replacing your HVAC. Before you starting looking, check out these tipsContinue reading “Highest Rated HVAC Contractors in Colorado”

DIY Projects for Your Porch

Your front porch may be more important to the overall outlook of your home than you thought. Your porch is an extension of your home and the first part that guests or passersby get to see. This is especially important to remember when selling your home. This space should make potential buyers feel welcome, aContinue reading “DIY Projects for Your Porch”

Colorado Pools

Swimming pools epitomize warm weather and summer. Since Colorado sees a lot of cold and snowy weather, visitors are usually pleasantly surprised when they visit in the summer. June, July, and August are Colorado’s warmer months, so don’t be confused if you visit during this time and find everyone relaxing at the pool. Continue readingContinue reading “Colorado Pools”

Building Upwards

Has your family outgrown your home in the city? You could sell your home and try to move into something bigger, but remember that the market is going through some growing of its own. Inventory is down and prices are through the roof. In other words: you could definitely sell your home in the market,Continue reading “Building Upwards”

Office Decor

The pandemic made a lot of jobs move to being performed at home. Many of these occupations will likely stay that way even as coronavirus cases lessen and restrictions ease. That means your home office space is going to become the most important part of your home and in order for it to feel thatContinue reading “Office Decor”

Messy Room Hacks

The daily hassles of being a parent means tackling a lot of clutter. From messy bedrooms to kitchen nightmares, kids of all ages tend to leave places in disarray. Of course you will have your kid clean up after themselves, but there are places in the process for you to embrace the chaos. Continue readingContinue reading “Messy Room Hacks”

How to Pick Artwork for Your Home

Artwork (paintings, pictures, and other wall-mounted décor) can really pull a room together. But with so much to choose from at the stores and online, how do you pick? What’s the best ratio between family photos and paintings? The short answer is to pick artwork based on the room, tailored to your taste. Continue readingContinue reading “How to Pick Artwork for Your Home”

Privacy Landscaping

Spending time in your backyard, especially in a time when social distancing is so important, is healthy for you physically and mentally. As a real estate agent, I’ve seen many wonderful backyard spaces ruined by a lack of privacy because of low or open-hole fencing. But before you shell out a ton of money toContinue reading “Privacy Landscaping”