The Best Colorado Hot Springs

Colorado boasts some of the best hot springs in the country. A hot spring is a spring with water temperatures above its surroundings, typically warm enough to heat the body though the temperature outside the water is much colder. In other words, a hot spring is a naturally occurring hot tub. Here are a fewContinue reading “The Best Colorado Hot Springs”

Best Trails To Hike Before Winter

Rocky Mountain National Park is the home of some of the best hiking trails in Colorado. This time of year the leaves have started to change color and the summer heat is wearing off. In fact, it will be winter soon and most hikers will have to wait until next year to hit the trails.Continue reading “Best Trails To Hike Before Winter”

The Highest Towns in Colorado

There are many towns in Colorado that give us the best views of the mountains…because the towns are also in the mountains. Take the town of Silverthorne of example. Silverthorne is 9,035 ft above sea level. This town is in a county, Summit County, full of mountain towns. Silverthorne is the easiest town to reachContinue reading “The Highest Towns in Colorado”

The Largest Mountain Cities in Colorado

Nestled up against the pristine Rocky Mountains, Colorado is known for its beautiful towns well above sea level. In fact, Denver is often called the Mile High City and many business don the number 5280 in their name, reflecting the number of feet in a mile. Another Colorado town that boasts a high elevation isContinue reading “The Largest Mountain Cities in Colorado”

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