Estes Park: Whiskey & Ghouls

Overlooking the beautiful Lake Estes and the Olympus Dam, sits Estes Park along the Big Thompson River. This town is the home of the headquarters of the Rocky Mountain National Park. The town got its start in 1859 when Missouri native Joel Estes, for which the town has gotten its name, settled there. Trail Ridge Road is the highest continuous highway in the United States and it runsContinue reading “Estes Park: Whiskey & Ghouls”

Boulder & The Rocky Mountain STEAM Festival

At 5,430 feet, real estate in Boulder is lush and inviting. Horse properties for sale around Boulder greet citizens coming and going to the mountains and to the Mile-High City of Denver, Colorado. Horse properties in Boulder may be swank and gorgeous or charming woodsy retreats or farmhouses with barns or smaller ranch houses or ranchettes in BoulderContinue reading “Boulder & The Rocky Mountain STEAM Festival”

Greeley & The Colorado Hunting Show

Greeley is a city in Northern Colorado, situated among the South Platte River and the Cache La Poudre River. Greeley got its name from Horace Greeley, who was an editor of the New-York Tribune and a pioneer during the Pike’s Peak Gold Rush in 1859. Greeley is a part of a group of cities in Colorado called a Union Colony, which are praised for theirContinue reading “Greeley & The Colorado Hunting Show”

Steamboat Springs & Colorado Bluegrass

Many mountain resort towns in Colorado have seen an increase in sale prices for homes. This is good news for sellers, but tougher on buyers. Steamboat Springs in northern Colorado has the upper hand—it has more land. Similar mountain towns are barred from spreading out because of the lack of space; many people do notContinue reading “Steamboat Springs & Colorado Bluegrass”

Loveland Real Estate Updates

Less than fifty miles north of Denver sits Loveland in Northern Colorado. This town is named after William AH Loveland, once the president of the Colorado Central Railroad. There are many reasons why people love living in Loveland. From the Devil’s Backbone Open Space to the Boyd Lake State Park and the Loveland Ski Area, Loveland isContinue reading “Loveland Real Estate Updates”

Millennials are Moving to Denver

It is no secret that Denver has a hot housing market. With it’s amazing views and proximity to the Rocky Mountains, it’s fantastic shops and restaurants, and its cultured past, many people are flocking to the city and surrounding areas. Trends in 2019 increased at a higher rate than previous years and these trends areContinue reading “Millennials are Moving to Denver”

Why You Should Move to Colorado Springs in 2020

With the onset of the new year, 2020 is shaping up to be a year of change when it comes to the real estate market in America. For decades the biggest factor in the market was geographical, in which markets near the ocean and other waterways often saw the most price growth. In 2020, itContinue reading “Why You Should Move to Colorado Springs in 2020”

Top 5 Neighborhoods in Colorado

It is no surprise that Colorado is one of the fastest growing places in America. In fact in 2018, 80,000 people moved to the centennial state. As the state of Colorado grows, so does its communities and neighborhoods. If you are looking to move to Colorado in 2020, the following is a list of theContinue reading “Top 5 Neighborhoods in Colorado”

Don’t Fix These Things Before Selling Your Home

When owners are getting ready to sell their home, there’s always that time of panic when they have to figure out what to fix or upgrade in order to get the sell. It’s important to know what to fix to get your home market ready, but it’s equally important to know what you don’t have to fix. Don’tContinue reading “Don’t Fix These Things Before Selling Your Home”

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