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Messy Room Hacks

Photo by Igor Starkov on Unsplash.

The daily hassles of being a parent means tackling a lot of clutter. From messy bedrooms to kitchen nightmares, kids of all ages tend to leave places in disarray. Of course you will have your kid clean up after themselves, but there are places in the process for you to embrace the chaos. Continue reading to find out how you can do this and trick your kids into being more organized. Also, if you are looking to buy or sell a home in Colorado, consider Mark Eibner as your agent.

Embrace The Chaos

The amount of wall and fridge art that you accumulate as a parent is staggering. No matter your kid’s age, everything from finger-paintings to college essays find their way somewhere in the kitchen. Embrace the chaos by designating an area of your fridge, your kitchen wall, or even your windows to display their best creations and achievements. They can go from messy to looking planned and thought out. Plus, it will keep your kid confident in their work.

One of the easier ways that you can tackle a messy room is by making the bed. It might seem silly at first, especially if the rest of the room is also a wreck, but it works. Plus, carving out that time at the start of every day can help you to feel more accomplished even before tackling your to-do list. The other bedroom solution is organized storage. Nothing beats a good bin or basket. Labeling these spaces with your kid’s name, like “Michael’s Socks” or “Trisha’s Bracelets,” will give them a sense of ownership. Kids are more likely to stick to an organization solution when they feel like it’s theirs.


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