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How to Pick Artwork for Your Home

Photo by Manja Vitolic on Unsplash.

Artwork (paintings, pictures, and other wall-mounted décor) can really pull a room together. But with so much to choose from at the stores and online, how do you pick? What’s the best ratio between family photos and paintings? The short answer is to pick artwork based on the room, tailored to your taste. Continue reading on how to do that. Also, if you are looking to buy or sell a home in Colorado, consider Mark Eibner as your agent.

Picking Home Artwork

Start with the most difficult room first. One of the most commonly forgotten rooms in terms of artwork and the hardest to get right is the kitchen. The kitchen is the most used room of the house. That means the pressure is on to get artwork on the walls and fast. Countertops or spaces above cabinets are perfect places for art. When it comes to finding pieces for the kitchen, lean toward smaller artworks that complement, not overwhelm, the space. Since you spend your mornings in the kitchen, keep the style light and funny. Though family photos are uncommon for kitchens, one of two pieces (especially hanging from the fridge) is not a bad idea.

Besides the living room, the bedroom one of the most important rooms to decorate. The bedroom is a place for relaxation and the artwork that you use should reflect that. The best walls for art in the bedroom are directly over the bed or on the wall opposite the bed. Unlike the kitchen, the bedroom needs large pieces of art. Remember that everything should be hung at eye level. Look for abstract pieces with soothing colors, landscapes, and desaturated photos in the bedroom. Keep the frame size small—larger frames should be reserved for statement pieces in the living room.


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