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Privacy Landscaping

Photo by Matt Chen on Unsplash.

Spending time in your backyard, especially in a time when social distancing is so important, is healthy for you physically and mentally. As a real estate agent, I’ve seen many wonderful backyard spaces ruined by a lack of privacy because of low or open-hole fencing. But before you shell out a ton of money to replace your fence, consider using plants to bring more privacy to your outdoor space. Also, if you are looking to buy or sell a home in Colorado, consider Mark Eibner as your agent.

Getting More Privacy With Plants

Bushes and other shrubbery are a great tool for privacy, but you have to know a little bit about the Colorado soil before planting just anything in your backyard. For example, Denver is rated 5b to 6a by the USDA Hardiness Zone and has alkaline soil in some parts. However, just because a plant says on its label then that it will grow in Zone 5 doesn’t mean that it will if planted in alkaline soil. Therefore, when shopping online or at a gardening center, you need to read the label for pH levels as well. Here are some great plants that can be used for privacy landscaping in Colorado.

Alleghany viburnum is a great shrub to start with. With its large leathery leaves, this plant will grow 8-10 feet tall and wide. Also, the leaves stay on throughout the winter until new growth pushes through in the spring. Apache Plume is another popular one among Coloradans. This shrub grows to 4-6 feet tall and wide. It requires very little care and watering once planted. The plumes have a purple tint for added color. And then there’s the Fernbush. This shrub will grow 3-5 feet tall and wide and has aromatic leaves. The shrub will grow in part shade or sun, and in sand or clay. But be careful if you are allergic to bees—Fernbushes are known to attract them.


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