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Myths from House Flipping Shows

Photo by Vinicius amnx Amano on Unsplash.

All house-flipping shows have the same story. Someone buys a dilapidated house and a team of elite contractors and designers transforms it into a work of art. And then the buyer turns around and sells it for a hefty profit. They make it look easy, too easy. It makes for great TV, but it is often too good to be true. Can you flip a house and make a profit? Yes, but there are some factors you should know first. Also, If you are thinking about flipping a home in Colorado, contact Mark Eibner today. Mark has decades of experience.

The Truth About DIY Projects

These TV shows can get everything done quickly with amazing results because of their dedicated team. If you are planning to flip a home, you will have to hire local contractors. Local contractors are great, but they will probably be working multiple jobs and can’t perform as quickly. On the big screen, even the hosts get in on the DIY projects. While you might be tempted to do things yourself to keep expenses low, make sure to do some research to know what you’re getting into. Small projects often escalate if you don’t have real world experience, which all of these professionals on TV have.

Through the magic of TV, building materials are always on-site and ready to go. In the real world, that’s not always the case. That hardwood flooring and those stone tiles are specialty items, which can be harder to find in the bulk you need them in. Also, your location will affect the costs of contractors and supplies. Renovating a home in Kiowa will be cheaper than a home in downtown Denver. This is typically not addressed in these show and costs are most often underestimated.


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